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QTC Carbon Footprinting

Keeping you compliant with carbon/energy law

The only Saudi company working in carbon management following internationally recognized carbon specifications and standards, PAS 2060 and ISO14064-1, ISO14064-2, ISO14064-3, ISO 14067

QTC works with a professional team to calculate the carbon footprint, work on carbon management, achieve carbon neutrality, and ensure the credibility and quality of carbon offset purchases and carbon credit balances.

Recognizing our responsibility in combating climate change globally and contributing to the Kingdom's pledges to reduce carbon emissions by 278 million tons per year by 2030.

QTC supports its customers by providing carbon footprint calculations and ambitious achievable plans for carbon management and carbon emission reduction to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and reach zero neutrality in 2060.

QTC launched its services in the carbon footprint from the principle of what is not measured cannot be managed.

It is important to know the sources of emissions of entities and projects so that they can be reduced, managed and addressed.


Calculating the carbon footprint

Calculating the carbon footprint is the starting point to know and understand the impact of the activity of the institution or project on climate change

  • Carbon footprint calculation helps to know the organization's main emission sources
  • Help to know the opportunities available to reduce these emissions
  • Provide a baseline and a primary standard for measurement for the future
  • Provides the opportunity to implement a carbon management and reduction plan

Carbon neutrality verification

Carbon neutrality is reducing carbon emissions to the maximum, and compensate for what it cannot be reduced

  • Demonstrate continued commitment to decarbonization goals
  • Review annual verification by monitoring progress
  • Contribute to global decarbonization efforts by reducing emissions
  • Buying compensation for the emission that cannot be mitigated or reduced and supporting high-quality environmental projects.

Carbon Credit Trading

Local Trading and Carbon Accounts

  • Get carbon calculation and know the carbon credit balance through QTC
  • Obtain a compliance certificate and carbon data approved by QTC

International Trading and Carbon Accounts (for international seller only )

Compliance Certificates

Carbon Footprint Compliance Certificate

The Carbon Footprint certification shows the total emissions of the organization and certifies the organization's compliance with taking the first and essential step to contribute to climate change and work towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Compliance Certificate for Annual Carbon Footprint Reduction

Shows the annual decrease of the organization from the previous year and attests to the organization's commitment to reducing its annual carbon emissions

Carbon Neutrality Compliance Certificate

The Carbon Neutrality certification shows the organization's commitment to decarbonization, offsetting the residual impact by supporting environmental projects.

How does QTC help projects?

QTC helps to provide carbon footprint calculation, work on carbon neutrality, and implement a carbon management plan before the actual implementation of the project.

It is important to study the project before starting implementation and to know the sources of higher emissions so that they can be reduced, managed, and treated. Implement the right carbon management plans and solutions from the outset to help reduce the cost of late correction

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