Complain and Appeal Handling

All requests must state the reason(s) for complaints in the Complaints form, QTC-F-7.13 - Complaints and Appeals Form, and need to be supported by information and evidence.

IMPROTANT: Please note that a Complaint, Appeal or request for Review will only be accepted if it is accompanied by or based on clear and credible information in accordance with below reasons.

In case request does not contain a convincing reason, QTC will contact the concerned appellant or more clarification on convincing reason for complaining or appealing.

Reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • A complaint is about conformity assessment and/or appeals and the way that the conformity assessment system functions.
  • A complaint about QTC Client, QTC Certified product, etc.….
  • Level of service quality or delivery.
  • Details about the complaints about the conformity assessment activities
  • Dissatisfaction, whether it is from person in the certification body, or the certification activities of the certification body, or administrative processes, finances processes, etc.….
  • Decisions made based on immaterial grounds;
  • Decisions based on immaterial information, or information for which there is no credible basis.
  • general, hearsay is treated as information for which there is no credible basis;
  • Failure to consider presented, relevant information in reaching a decision;
  • Reasonable perception of bias against the appellant;
  • Unreasonable delay in the decision-making process;
  • Prejudicial procedural irregularities in reaching the decision;
  • Disputes about facts relevant to the decision;
  • Disputes about interpretations relevant to the decision.
  • Appeal for certification decision to a specific application
  • Request for review for a specific evaluation decision for a specific application
  • Other specific reasons.
  • An allegation against QTC policy or QTC Compliance with standards.

Investigation and preparation of actions to be taken and response of complain by QTC

QTC shall communicate the decision on the response to the complainant.
Where the complainant agrees with the decision, QTC shall give notice to the complainant/Appellant of the end of the Complaints handling process.

In case where the complainant/appellant/person requesting review disagrees with the decision, he may request QTC to re-open the investigation of the matter within 30 days after the receipt of the decision. Such a request can only be accepted if the request is accompanied with additional information, such as new findings of the fact.

Appeals against decisions made by the Complaints Committee, and review request against QTC decisions will be heard by the Appeal/Review Committee only if the appellant can demonstrate a significant factor affecting the final certification decision that has been made, and Indicate reasonable grounds highlighting why the Appeal/Review Committee could come to a different conclusion on the same facts the Complaints Committee was confronted with.

Decision taken by the Appeal/Review Committee is final and that no Appeal will be accepted to this decision.

Complain/Appeal form to be attached too:

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