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Branches & Addresses

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia (Main Office)

3141 Al Salamah Rd, An Narjis, Riyadh, 13328, KSA.

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

3035, Almohndseen, Alazizia, Unit number 1352, Jeddah, 23334-8552, KSA

Tabouk- Saudi Arabia

Al Aliya - Prince Sultan Road

Al Khobar- Saudi Arabia

Khobar Mall - 2nd floor - office 322

Al Wajh- Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Road

Cairo - Egypt

The Courtyard Compound, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza Governorate 3244505, Egypt

Jakarta - Indonesia

The Mansion Bougainville Tower Fontana BF Unit 10th Floor No. L-1 Trumpsey Street Block-D East Padimangan District Padmangan District North,

Paris – France

6 Rue d'Armaillé


Saudi Arabia & all countries:

[email protected]


China :

[email protected]

Phone or WeChat: 00966555544924

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