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Scheme requirements and Fees enquiry

In case you need to apply for certificate

1. Kindly email us at:

2. Subject: Request Your Enquiry

3. Please make sure to include in your email the following:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Photos

Once we receive your email we will get back to you and reply with our Scheme requirements and fees.

Termination, Reduction, Suspension, or Withdrawal of Certification

QTC reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the Certificate of Conformity/ Compliance at any time. The Certificate may be suspended should the Company:

  • Failure to complete corrective actions within the agreed time;
  • Misuse the Certification mark;
  • Failure to comply with the financial requirements of the Agreement entered with QTC (Non payment of any of certification fees) or Bring QTC into disrepute in any way.
  • The client’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the quality management system"
  • The certified client does not allow surveillance or re-certification audits to be conducted at the required and agreed surveillance frequencies.
  • The certified client has voluntarily requested a suspension.

Any apparent contravention of Certification agreement which might lead to suspicion of certification will be brought to the attention of QTC.Usually QTC gives 30 days to make the correction needed, unless for a critical non-conformity timeline will be minimized), and explaining that their registration may be suspended until the corrective action is completed.
Should the necessary corrective action not be taken within the agreed period, then a further letter will be sent to the client company, informing them that their registration is suspended and another very limited time (30 days) will be given to client as a final chance to restore the certificate suspension by performing the corrective actions needed.

Whenever certification is suspended, QTC will communicate the actions needed to end suspension and restore certification for the client certified product in accordance with QTC Rules of certification and the scheme of certification, these actions depends on the defect that is committed by client and that lead to the suspension of the certificate. QTC will make sure client understands the reason of suspension and the actions that need to be done to reverse the suspension decision.

In such cases the client will be asked to stop claiming that their organization is certified by QTC, and withdraw from use any letterheads, business cards, etc. that indicate QTC certification validity.

Once client takes measurements needed for restoring certification, client shall bring to QTC Knowledge by informing QTC with the actions and measurements taken by client (through any accessible means to QTC with providing the corrective actions taken in this regard.
QTC in return will transfer the request with supportive evidence to QTC Certification director to follow the same certification plan adopted by QTC (evaluation, review, decision) needed to resolve the suspension, similar to the core certification process The conditions for certification reinstatement may include:

  • Re-verification of management systems effectiveness through on-site audit.
  • Re-testing of the Product
  • Discontinuation of misleading stationery and other advertising material.
  • Removal of other reasons responsible for suspension of the certificate.

If the client does still not complete the corrective action the further agreed final time, then a further letter will be sent by QTC detailing the fact that their registration with QTC is withdrawn. Such withdrawal of certification will be published on the web site of QTC to make note of the withdrawal. The status of the client will update on the client along with reason for withdraw/suspension. A request that the Client to return the certificate and discontinue the use of the certification mark in any way, as Certificates and marks of compliance remain the property of QTC.

If certification is reinstated after suspension, QTC shall make all necessary modifications to formal certification documents, public information, authorizations for use of marks, etc., in order to ensure all appropriate indications, exist that the product continues to be certified.

If a decision to reduce the scope of certification is made as a condition of reinstatement, QTC shall make all necessary modifications to formal certification documents, public information, authorizations for use of marks, etc., in order to ensure the reduced scope of certification is clearly communicated to the client and clearly specified in certification documentation and public information.

Certificates that are terminated, suspended, reinstated or withdrawn are duly and promptly reported to proper Authorities (GSO, SASO, etc.)

Complain and Appeal Handling

All requests must state the reason(s) for complaints in the Complaints form, QTC-F-7.13 - Complaints and Appeals Form, and need to be supported by information and evidence.

IMPROTANT: Please note that a Complaint, Appeal or request for Review will only be accepted if it is accompanied by or based on clear and credible information in accordance with below reasons.

In case request does not contain a convincing reason, QTC will contact the concerned appellant or more clarification on convincing reason for complaining or appealing.

Reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • A complaint is about conformity assessment and/or appeals and the way that the conformity assessment system functions.
  • A complaint about QTC Client, QTC Certified product, etc.….
  • Level of service quality or delivery.
  • Details about the complaints about the conformity assessment activities
  • Dissatisfaction, whether it is from person in the certification body, or the certification activities of the certification body, or administrative processes, finances processes, etc.….
  • Decisions made based on immaterial grounds;
  • Decisions based on immaterial information, or information for which there is no credible basis.
  • general, hearsay is treated as information for which there is no credible basis;
  • Failure to consider presented, relevant information in reaching a decision;
  • Reasonable perception of bias against the appellant;
  • Unreasonable delay in the decision-making process;
  • Prejudicial procedural irregularities in reaching the decision;
  • Disputes about facts relevant to the decision;
  • Disputes about interpretations relevant to the decision.
  • Appeal for certification decision to a specific application
  • Request for review for a specific evaluation decision for a specific application
  • Other specific reasons.
  • An allegation against QTC policy or QTC Compliance with standards.

Investigation and preparation of actions to be taken and response of complain by QTC

QTC shall communicate the decision on the response to the complainant.
Where the complainant agrees with the decision, QTC shall give notice to the complainant/Appellant of the end of the Complaints handling process.

In case where the complainant/appellant/person requesting review disagrees with the decision, he may request QTC to re-open the investigation of the matter within 30 days after the receipt of the decision. Such a request can only be accepted if the request is accompanied with additional information, such as new findings of the fact.

Appeals against decisions made by the Complaints Committee, and review request against QTC decisions will be heard by the Appeal/Review Committee only if the appellant can demonstrate a significant factor affecting the final certification decision that has been made, and Indicate reasonable grounds highlighting why the Appeal/Review Committee could come to a different conclusion on the same facts the Complaints Committee was confronted with.

Decision taken by the Appeal/Review Committee is final and that no Appeal will be accepted to this decision.

Complain/Appeal form to be attached too:

Use of QTC License, Certificates, and Marks of Conformity

QTC acts as an independent certification body (Issuing QTC Certificates); and a 3rd party conformity assessment body authorized by Saudi Standards, Metrology & Quality Organization (SASO), GCC Standardization Organization For all above, specific certification mark of conformity is granted to client

Procedures of use Certification marks:

  • QTC owns its Certification mark of Conformity as part of its Certification system, along with QTC final Product (the certificate), and applicable scheme owner certification scheme. Once certified by QTC, client has the right to use QTC Mark of Conformity. Client using QTC Mark of conformity shall fully comply with requirements for the use of 3rd party marks available in ISO/IEC 17030.
  • Control the use of QTC certificates & marks of conformity and scheme owner’s certificates and marks of conformity by its clients by following ISO Guide 23; methods and procedures are documented and communicated to client through the procedures of control of QTC license, certificate & mark conformity and scheme owner certificates.
  • QTC makes it clear to its clients that it owns exclusively its certification mark of conformity as part of its certification system, along with QTC final Product (the certificate), and its certification scheme and the right to use QTC mark of conformity is authorized only to the certified clients who signed the certification agreement and are approved for certification.
  • QTC Certification mark is granted to products or services meeting the applicable standards or requirements. It should be very clear that the certification mark will be used exclusively on certified products, so no confusion should happen between certified and non-certified products. Furthermore, usage of certification mark should be handled with extra care and attention.
  • QTC ensures the control and accurate usage of its certification mark by continuous certification auditing (surveillance audits in 1st and 2nd year and re-certification audit in the 3rd year). Furthermore, the market is constantly being monitored in a way that if any Intentional misuse of the mark happens, a swift and appropriate corrective action will be taken against the client.
  • Client using QTC Mark of conformity shall fully comply with requirements for the use of 3rd party marks available in ISO/IEC 17030, and ISO guide 23, and ISO guide 27.
  • QTC entitles its client to use Certification mark on products covered by the appended license, as approved by QTC for such products in accordance with the standards.
  • The stipulations of the general rules for the applicable certification scheme and all applicable related standards shall apply to the use of certification mark.
  • Once certified, QTC agrees that the related certified facilities and products manufactured, shall comply with the requirements of applicable standards specified in the license. Accordingly, it is a recognition and authorization for the applicant to mark the products covered by the license using QTC certification mark.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the products (for which the license is granted) are always produced under the same conditions to meet the specifications and quality of the samples tested by QTC and must be in conformity with applicable standards.
  • Printing of certification mark shall be performed within the specifications listed below (size, colors & dimensions), using materials assuring the accurate and sharp production of the mark. with care that no misleading with other mark, Image, logo or overlapping with the GCTS rules. (Note 1)
  • To ensure the above is met, upon approval for certification and prior to issuance of certificate, the certification mark is handed over to client in a Soft and Hard Copy format.
  • Upon signing this certification agreement, applicant declares of fully understanding the requirements, terms and conditions, usage policy of safeguarding QTC Certification mark and commit to fully comply with them and not to make any statement or act in any way that may be considered misleading. Furthermore, applicant agrees and recognizes the use of its certification mark upon certification approval decision.
  • For promotional and marketing purposes, (either constant: brochures, letterheads, flyers, website, etc.…, or variant events: exhibition, etc.….) using QTC Certification mark is accepted by QTC with no objection under the condition of providing the certificate not along with the certification mark in case of such activities. This use shall be done within the accepted conditions mentioned above, such advertisements can be placed on display panel of the certified products, on the secondary or packaging , on company publicity materials such as brochures, company profiles, reports, exhibition materials, flyers, banners, roll-ups etc. ,on corporate electronic media such as in website, internet ,on the internal walls and doors of the factory/offices, on company vehicles ,on company communication documents such as letterheads, stationeries etc.
  • QTC will conduct continuous monitoring on certified products to ensure correct use of its Certification mark.
  • Instructions or another user information accompanying the product and related to the certification scheme shall be approved by QTC.
  • In case of any doubts regarding the use of the logo, prior written approval shall be sought from QTC to prevent misuse and subsequent corrective action.

Types of Breach/ Misuse of certification license& Disciplinary Actions & Liabilities

Quality Policy

Our Mission

To meet and exceed productivity and expectations by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for demand driven Certification and Continues Development.


Product certification policy mange the organization activities to comply with requirements of product regulations and standards, regarding to Conformity Assessment requirements ISO/IEC17065. Top management is commitment to provide international/national standards and schemes matching with our service as per as Authorities requirements comply with integrity and code of ethics during product certification.

Maintain beneficial subcontracting partnerships to ensure that our needs and expectations for certified products and services are met.

Enhance our employee’s performance by provide all support needed for training and knowledge continuously improve processes.

Work in partnership with our clients to enhance their loyalty respect to Impartiality and integrity process.

“QTC-Quality Techno Certification” is Committed to:

Will retain authority for decision access to product certification, maintain, recertification, extend and reduce the scope of Product Certification, and suspending or withdrawing the Certification.

Enhancing the skills of management and staff through review and actively certification process an on-going training plan, the objective of which is to prepare staff to perform their work more effectively.

Promoting the culture of continual quality improvements and the philosophy of getting things “right first time”. Promoting the quality management systems and ensuring implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action.

Everyone is responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining high standards.”

Impartiality Policy

QTC is the legal entity responsible for certification activities. This Policy and Public Statement refers the mechanism followed by QTC for its Impartial Certification activities. QTC’s Top Management, Managers and Staff fully understand the importance of impartiality and ensures in undertaking its certification activities. QTC is structured and managed in a way to safeguard its impartiality through having independent impartiality committee, and separation of all related interested parties in certification activities in terms of activity operations and decisions. To ensure the implementation of effectiveness of practices for safeguarding impartiality, following measures has been taken by QTC.

  • QTC Certificates are only issued once independent evaluation and review followed checked by independent authorized and impartial competent members to ensure that no interest shall prevail.
  • QTC is not the designer, manufacturer, installer, distributer or maintainer of the product; Service, Process intended to be certified.
  • QTC does not offer (and has never offered) management system consultancy or any other form of consultancy to companies or individuals.
  • QTC does not offer (and has never offered) an internal audit service to companies or individuals.
  • QTC does not receive any financial support different from the invested in it and the fees of its services.
  • QTC does not outsource audits to a management system consultancy organization.
  • QTC does not have (and will not form) any relationships with companies who offer consultancy.
  • Any current relationships with companies, organizations and individuals will be risk assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship does not impact upon the impartiality of the certification process. The risk assessment will be undertaken by the Committee for Impartiality.
  • Individuals employed or Subcontracted by QTC are required to document and record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required by QTC to be declared. QTC will use the information to identify any threats to impartiality and will not use that individual in any capacity unless they can demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest. The risk assessment will be undertaken by the Committee for Impartiality.
  • QTC will not allocate a member of staff or sub-contractor to a management system audit where any past relationship has existed. Exceptionally and at the discretion of the Operations Manager or Top Management an individual or subcontractor may be allocated to a management system audit where a past relationship has existed but there has been no relationship for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Each Employee of QTC will undergo validation for no conflict at least once.
  • QTC ensures that all certification Services and activities are promoted and marketed independently not linked to any other services whether it is consultation, testing, or any other services that might be needed by clients.
  • All employees will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that they remain impartial when conducting audits.

All personnel of QTC are committed to full compliance with this declaration. All personnel of QTC including its Top Managements, Staff and Subcontractors are required to complete and sign the compliance of no conflict of interest, non-Disclosure agreement and codes of ethics policy document.

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