Certificate of conformity

The Product Conformity Certificate is a certificate required for all goods imported into the Saudi market in order to complete the process of clearing shipments from customs.

The Product Conformity Certificate is issued through Saber electronic platform after demonstrating compliance with the relevant standards and after approval by the Conformity Assessment Authority approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

It is also valid for a period of time. Obtaining the Saudi Certificate of Conformity is also a confirmation that the product imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been designed and subjected to conformity procedures and specifications in the production process.

We at QTC as a conformity body approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) help you obtain the necessary conformity certificates and save time and effort for all importers and manufacturers, all you have to do is contact us

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    Accreditations and Approvals

    Grants SASO certificates (Product certificate, Shipment certificate), G-Mark certificate, and SFDA certificates of conformity of products to technical specifications and regulations in accordance with the requirements of national and international standard.

    Accreditation Number:
    APC 0076


    Notification Number:
    NB 0063


    License number:


    Notification Number:
    MENA: P-CB 0484
    ASIA: P-CB 0482
    EUR: P-CB 0481

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