Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Platforms

Artificial Intelligence

QTC provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in collaboration and partnership with major global companies to solve interesting issues that support human intelligence, such as learning and image recognition. The goal of artificial intelligence is to create self-learning systems to extract meaning from data. Next, AI measures to apply that knowledge to solve new problems in human-like ways.

Quality Techno Certification Company works to develop systems and solutions for the public and private sectors to meet challenges and keep pace with changes in the global economic system, which requires modern and advanced technologies to support international requirements for sustainability, environment, carbon and quality, and to become compatible with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by applying local and international standards and building unified, accurate systems that comply with international ISO specifications and global standards:

Ease of use

An easy-to-use and understandable platform aimed at non-specialists


Unification of procedures, outputs and reports

Required Standards

A system that can be dealt with and obtain the required standards, data and binding reports

Standard Comparisons

Ease of standard comparisons due to the unification of the models and specifications followed.

Industrial Internet of Things

QTC provides Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in collaboration and partnership with major global companies including Quality Technology Services Company in the field of IoT Winter, Retail, Pillow, and others for business need. All industrial devices, from sensors to equipment, provide business owners with instant, detailed data that can be used to improve business processes. It provides insights into managing supply and service networks, human enhancement, and production, leading to cost and revenue reductions.

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